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What do I need in order to take online classes?

  • A computer or mobile device
  • Internet access

How can I ensure that my setup works?

Depending on the technology you use please run the appropriate system check:

What are the recommended computer requirements?

In general you'll be able to use a device that was made within the last 10 years. Some classes have more requirements than others such as a camera or microphone. All devices will require you to secure them with anti-virus that is recommended by your internet service provider. 

How do I secure my device?

Use anti virus software that is often recommended by your internet service provider and purchase any additional warranties or protection plans for your device. Back up created content with additional save locations that may be online or another device. 

All the system checks are successful, but I have problems what can I do?

Visit the CCCS 24/7 Help Desk ( to verify that the College is not experiencing an outage. On the same webpage you can find self-service help desk instructions and articles or chat with an expert. You can also call 888.800.9198.