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PPCC All Student Handbook

Welcome to Pikes Peak Community College!

We all hoped that by this fall semester we could resume completely normal operations. But with Delta variant COVID-19 cases rising around the country we must still maintain precautions. We are confident that by working together and continuing to make a concerted effort to be as safe as possible, we will have a successful academic year. To further support your success, we are offering you more options this year - virtual/remote services and classes in five different formats.

The PPCC All Student Handbook was created to provide you valuable information about the college and help you locate services. We wish you great success in your academic year. Please contact any of our offices for help and guidance.

President of PPCC, Dr. Lance Bolton
At PPCC, student success is our driving force; it's not just helping students achieve their dreams, but also building and growing a more vibrant, innovative Colorado Springs.

We can help you be successful

Check out some of the services we offer to help you be a successful college student.

Services for Students

Virtual/Remote Services

Useful Information for a New Student:

We know there's a lot to do when becoming a student. To get the most from your experience here at PPCC, you should know a bit about student life, academic standards and your right to know.

Student Life:

Did you know that students, who participate in activities on campus, have a higher Grade Point Average (GPA) and have a better chance of graduating with a degree? Getting involved on campus during your college career will maximize your pursuit of success while making new friends and getting to know your campus community.

Student Life & Services

Academic Standards:

Find out more about academic issues such as, course load, how to calculate your Grade Point Average (GPA), transfer credit and changing your major by viewing the catalog and choosing Academic Standards from the menu.

PPCC Catalog

Right to Know:

Federal regulations require that institutions provide specific consumer information to current students, prospective students and employees about the school and financial aid. This information may be obtained by contacting the PPCC Human Resources Services office or viewing our right to know documentation.

Right to Know

Student Conduct:

What is the Student Code of Conduct?

In order to ensure a safe and productive learning environment for the entire PPCC community, all students are expected to abide by the Pikes Peak Community College Student Code of Conduct.

Student Code of Conduct

Sexual Assault and Harassment:

Pikes Peak Community College is firmly committed to maintaining a work and learning environment where students, faculty, and staff are treated with dignity and respect. Sexual harassment, sexual misconduct and acts of discrimination are illegal, often demeaning for the individual student or employee, and can disrupt the College’s positive learning and working environment. As such, all members of the College community have a responsibility to be aware of what behaviors constitute these actions/offenses and to help create an environment free of harassment or discrimination. 

Learn about sexual misconduct

Paying for College:

Most students are eligible for Financial Aid and we have over 2 million dollars of scholarships we offer students each year. Get the most from your education while not breaking the bank.

Financial Aid

Receiving your financial aid all starts with filing your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) application, but we know that the process can be confusing or even overwhelming. That’s why the knowledgeable PPCC financial aid office staff members are here to help. We will help you complete the financial aid process, as well as explore other ways to pay for college like scholarships, internships and campus jobs.

Paying for College


Generous donations to the PPCC Foundation fund numerous scholarship opportunities each year. Scholarships help pay for tuition and fees and some also cover books and other costs of attending. There are scholarships available that will help you all the way to graduation.

Learn more about Scholarships

Cashier Office

The PPCC Cashier Office will help you explore various payment options and provide other valuable information concerning your tuition billing.

Payment Options

Additional Services

Information Technology Support Services:

Technology has expanded our world. We rely on technology in almost every aspect of our lives. When navigating your school technology gets a little difficult, feel free to call on the helpful specialists in our Information Technology Support Services department.

Computer Labs:

The PPCC Information and Technology Support Services Computer Labs are open days, evenings and weekends to provide students with technology resources at times that are convenient for them. We offer a variety of computers and software to help our students succeed. Take advantage of our technology.

Copy Center:

The PPCC Copy Center helps our students succeed by offering a variety of copying and printing services. The Copy Center can make copies of your class notes, reports and presentations quickly and at a reasonable cost. Your end product will be professional looking and appealing. Learn about our Copy Center.

Other Valuable Information:

Non-discrimination Statement:

PPCC is firmly committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all. View our non-discrimination statement.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion:

Pikes Peak Community College believes that building and embracing a diverse community enriches our lives and educational experiences. Learn how we support a diverse environment.

Student Bill of Rights

The Colorado General Assembly implemented the Student Bill of Rights (C.R.S. 23-1-125) to assure that students enrolled in public institutions of higher education have a series of rights. Learn about your rights.


Pikes Peak Community College is accredited through the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). The HLC holds colleges and universities PPCC has been accredited since 1975. Learn about our accreditations.


Pikes Peak Community College constantly strives to provide quality education to our students. PPCC assesses its programs to confirm or improve student learning and educational quality and to meet accreditation requirements. Learn how PPCC assesses your success.

Research Activities:

We encourage and support the scholarly endeavors of our students. Pursuit of scholarly work and research often involves the use of human subjects for data collection and analysis. PPCC’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) reviews human subjects research proposals to ensure that

  • The rights and welfare of human subjects used in research studies are protected,
  • Risks have been considered and minimized, iii) the potential for benefit has been identified and maximized,
  • All human subjects only volunteer to participate in research after being provided with legally effective informed consent, and
  • Any research is conducted in an ethical manner and in compliance with established standards.

Students seeking to conduct such research may not solicit subject participation or begin data collection until they have obtained clearance by the PPCC Institutional Review Board.

Vision and Mission:

The faculty and staff at Pikes Peak Community College is committed to helping you meet your goals. So we have created our mission and vision statements, as well our strategic plan with your needs and success in mind. View how we focus on your achievements.

The PPCC All Student Handbook contains pertinent information affecting students, current through the date of its issuance. To the extent that any provision of the Handbook is inconsistent with State or Federal law, State Board for Community Colleges and Occupational Education Policies (BPs) or Colorado Community College System President’s Procedures (SP’s), the law, the BPs and the SPs shall supersede and control.

The State Board for Community Colleges Occupational Education Policies and Colorado Community College System President's Procedures are subject to change throughout the year and are effective immediately upon adoption by the Board or System President. Students are expected to be familiar with both the policies and procedures, including but not limited to the contents of the Handbook.

Nothing in the Handbook is intended to create (nor shall be construed as creating) an express or implied contract or to guarantee for any term or to promise that any specific process, procedures or practice will be followed or benefit provided by the College. The College reserves the right to modify, change, delete or add to the information in the Handbook as it deems appropriate.