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What is Navigate for Students?

Navigate is designed to support students at Pikes Peak Community College (PPCC) from enrollment to graduation. Navigate is a technology platform assisting students in registering for classes, academic planning, exploring their chosen major, making appointments for on campus resources and much more.

Student Navigate Resources Guides

Here you can find resource videos and guides on how to effectively use the Navigate platform as a PPCC student.

  • Log into Navigate Link or Download Guide.

  • Accessing Navigate in your PPCC Portal (Video):​​​​

    It’s essential that students understand how to access Navigate within their PPCC portal. Learn how!

    Scheduling an Appointment with an Advisor in Navigate (Video):

    Students should meet with their academic advisor regularly - especially when selecting and registering for classes. Your advisor can help make sure you graduate on time with the credits you need for your degree.

  • Using Navigate's Planner Tool

    Learn how to use Navigate’s Planner tool to plan your course sequence so you graduate on time. 

  • How to Register for Classes in Navigate (Video):

    Registering for classes is easy with Navigate. This step-by-step guide walks you through the entire process.


If you have any questions about scheduling an appointment with an advisor or registering for classes on Navigate, please email the Advising office: