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An Evaluated Degree Plan (EDP) is required for approval of Air Force and Space Force tuition assistance use upon the completion of 6 credit hours earned at PPCC.

Your EDP is a personalized plan which lists the credit hours required for your declared degree program, including transfer credits and eligible credits from your CCAF Web Progress Report.

Please follow all steps below to request your EDP.

Steps/process to request an EDP

Who is eligible to request an EDP?


Same day processing of an EDP is not a reasonable expectation.

Be mindful of Air Force and Space Force TA deadline requirements when submitting your EDP requests. 

  • Air Force and Space Force TA must be requested no sooner than 45 days prior to the start of your class(es) and no later than 7 days prior to the start of your class(es)

Please allow yourself adequate time to gather and submit the necessary documents and to receive your EDP.

Please include your student number in all communications (emails, etc.).

Eligibility (steps 1 and 2 are required):

1) PPCC students who have completed all necessary steps for admission to PPCC (application, placement assessment, etc.). 


2) PPCC students who have completed and/or registered for 6 credit hours of coursework at PPCC.

  • Credits earned at other institutions do not count as these 6 credit hours.
  • You have a 6 credit hour leeway before the EDP is required.
  • An EDP should not be requested and will not be created prior to a student completing this step (i.e., the 6 credit hours mentioned above).
    • This does not affect your eligibility to request Air Force tuition assistance for your first 6 credit hours at PPCC.
      • NOTE: an EDP is not the same as a traditional degree plan, which you have access to in your student portal at all times (under the dashboard tab, click on the degree check button).

3) A getting started guide for using Air Force TA at PPCC can be found here (click on link).


1) Submit your CCAF Web Progress Report (not transcript) and transcripts from every university/college attended to ATTN: Lora & Leo EDP documents at

  • Directions on how to request your CCAF Web Progress Reportcan be found here (click on link).
  • Unofficial transcripts are fine for this process as this is not for an evaluation of transfer credit to PPCC.
  • If you have submitted official transcripts to PPCC, they have been marked as received and evaluated, and there are no other transcripts pending, you can skip this step. However, the CCAF Web Progress Report is still required.

2) Complete the form on this page requesting your EDP

  • Verify your program of study - your program of study at PPCC must match your program of study with the Air Force or Space Force.
  • Submit all necessary documents listed above.

3) Upon the receipt of all necessary documents and verification of 6 credit hours earned/enrolled at PPCC, your EDP will be created and emailed to you in 1-3  business days.



Who can help me with my EDP?

Use the form on the right to request your EDP. Your EDP will be sent to email addresses provided. MVP staff at Peterson Space Force Base can assist with general questions. Contact us at for assistance.

Air Force and Space Force tuition assistance policy requires attendance in a mandatory TA briefing prior to using TA funding. These briefings are not affiliated with PPCC; rather, they are required by the Space Force and must be attended through an Space Force Education Center.

Please contact your nearest Air Force or Space Force Base Education Center for additional information on their processes. 

Evaluated Degree Plan Request Form

Submit required EDP materials via email here

The link above will open an email that you can attach your required materials to or you can send an email to the address provided under steps/process on the left hand side of this page.

Upon acknowledgement of required materials your EDP will be completed and emailed to your PPCC student email address within 24-72 business hours.