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Publicity Request

Do you have a PPCC event or announcement you want us to promote?

Please read these Submission Guidelines before submitting your request on the form below.

  • Do you require additional services like designed flyers, copy writing or paid advertising? If so, see our Marketing Project Request.
  • Your Publicity request must be submitted 3 weeks prior to the event. 
  • Marketing staff will determine how best to promote your event. Services may include:
    • Stall Street Journal (deadlines)

    • Internal TV Screens

    • Social Media (Instagram or Facebook post)

    • Website Calendar

    • Press Release (a written announcement sent to local news media)

    • Community On-line Calendars

  • TV messages will generally play for 1-2 weeks only.
  • Publicity requests are reserved for PPCC events and activities only. 
  • Marketing will provide a confirmation within 2-3 days of receipt of your completed Publicity Request.
  • If you have a PHOTO, LOGO or ARTWORK from your event flyer, please attach a jpeg of it, 96 dpi or greater. This will allow us to create tv slides and do social media with those same images for consistency. 
  • The Marketing department will produce flyers upon special request.

Please contact Karen at or 502-2082 with questions or changes to your event.

Publicity Request Form