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Email Signature

The new PPCC email signature is fully accessible. Use our web application to create and add your signature into Outlook.

Generating Your Signature

* Be sure to use Google Chrome to generate your signature.

Input your information into the fields. The signature generator will populate with your information. Once it is complete highlight the entire signature including the logo and copy it. Then paste into your signature list in Outlook.

PC Instructions for Pasting into Outlook (use the Outlook application, not the web based version)

In Outlook:

  1. Click on the email composer as if you are going to send an email.
  2. In the menu bar look for Signatures.
  3. Click Edit Signatures
  4. Title your signature and paste the copied email signature into the box below.
  5. Test your email signature by sending an email to yourself.

Mac Instructions for Pasting into Outlook (use the Outlook application, not the web based version)

  1. Open outlook and create a new email.
  2. In the new email window click on Signatures then, Edit Signatures.
  3. Name your signature and paste into the content block.
  4. Exit Signatures and select your signature from the drop-down to preview it in the email.

Instructions for Ipad and Iphone

  1. Create an outlook signature on a PC or Mac following the instructions above.
  2. Send yourself an email with your signature in it.
  3. Open that email on your device.
  4. Copy the signature, including the logo.
  5. Go into settings, then "Mail, Contacts, Calendars."
  6. Under mail, choose signature.
  7. Delete everything in the signature block.
  8. Paste your copied signature into that block and you should be all set.

Guidelines & Notes

  • No other text may added to, or placed below the signature block. (i.e. backgrounds, quotes, scriptures, links, logos, pictures, etc.)
  • Be sure you are using a campus computer and are using the most recent version of Outlook
  • If you log in to multiple computers, you'll need to use this process for each computer.
  • This does not always work for the web-based Outlook.
  • Not all fields are required, only those that are relevant to you and your position.

A note on signatures

Please do not add extra quote or catchphrases

A lot of people want to put a literary quote, inspirational catchphrase, quote from scripture or political slogan on their e-mail signatures.

While that might be appropriate for personal email signatures, college emails are different. Those who receive your Pikes Peak emails might assume that what’s in your signature represents not just you, but the institution. For that reason, we ask that people not add to their signatures. And from a pragmatic standpoint, most people look there to see your title and contact info. Putting extra information or quotes there could make those searching more frustrating.

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