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Marketing & Communication


What We Do

We manage the PPCC brand by developing and implementing advertising campaigns, internal communications efforts, media relations, community relations (partnerships and sponsorships), web and social media.

Integrated Marketing Communication

PPCC follows an integrated marketing communication approach, meaning we strive for consistency across all communication platforms. In addition to traditional media and public relations efforts we also create campaigns that show the value of PPCC by highlighting our exceptional staff and students. Our campaigns reach a broad audience through radio, video, web, billboards and social media.

We also offer support through internal communication. For departments this means we can help promote events, collaborate to create a unique brand, or provide direction to help create a stronger web presence for your department. We do not promote individual classes.

Services We Provide to Departments

Everything we provide internally starts with our request system. We receive a lot of requests and want to give them all equal treatment and the request system helps us do that. Fill out a request at least two weeks in advance for small announcements. For larger events please fill out a request as early as possible so we can ensure ample time to meet deadlines, contact the press or provide graphics.

We provide electronic downloads and resources like Flyers, PowerPoint Templates, and PPCC logos that you can download, including a social media policy. Please be responsible when using the PPCC logo by making sure it is the correct one and that it is not stretched or skewed in any way.

Office Hours & Location
Centennial Campus (CC) | Aspen Building | A212

Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


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