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Do YOU need to take a placement test?

Not every student needs to take the placement test! Refer to the Testing Center website for more information.

Don't panic...prepare!

We want to make sure that you begin your experience at PPCC on the right track, by helping you place into the appropriate level English and mathematics courses.

The placement test preparation resources below are available to help you review material that you have learned in the past, but may have forgotten over time.

Taking the Accuplacer?

Use the Accuplacer resources below to help you prepare.

EdReady English:

All English Prep Content - use goal key ppccenglishprep

EdReady Math:

Bridge to 050 - use goal key: PPCC_050

Bridge to 055 - use goal key: PPCC_055

Bridge to 103 - use goal key: PPCC_103

Bridge to 107 - use goal key: PPCC_107

Bridge to 112 - use goal key: PPCC_112

Bridge to 120 - use goal key: PPCC_120

Bridge to 121 - use goal key: PPCC_121

Bridge to 122-166 - use goal key: PPCC_122166

Bridge to 125 - use goal key: PPCC_125

Bridge to 135 - use goal key: PPCC_135

Bridge to 155-156 - use goal key: PPCC_155156

All Math Content- use goal key: ppccmathprep

These review resources are not designed to replace actual classes or to teach new material. The Learning Commons does not help students place in to or out of any PPCC course, but instead helps students review material in an effort to start their PPCC coursework in classes that are appropriate to their background, knowledge, and skills.

Centennial Campus

 Room A-200, Box C-7
 Maps & Directions
 (719) 502-3444
  Fax: (719) 502-3445

Rampart Range Campus (RRC)

 Room N-200 / 202
 Maps & Directions
 (719) 502-3444
  Fax: (719) 502-3445

Downtown Studio Campus (DTSC)

 Room N-204
 Maps & Directions
 (719) 502-2318
  Fax: (719) 502-3445

Placement Testing

For additional information about taking the placement test at PPCC, please contact the Testing Center.

Placement Test Preparation Tutoring

Should you still have questions about the content after working through the materials, we welcome you to stop by the Learning Commons to meet with one of our tutors. No appointment is necessary.