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Follow-You Printing (Equitrac)

Documents printed at CC, DTS, or RR campuses may be conveniently retrieved from any of the available Multi-Function Printers. Just print your document and pick it up later.

About Billing Codes

The term Billing Code is the printing system correspondent to the Org. Number in Banner. Users with more than one billing code will be asked to select the billing code to charge for the print. The printing system provides a magnifying lens icon to review the billing codes assigned to the user. Ask your supervisor which billing code to use if you are uncertain. Users with one billing code will not be prompted with the magnifying lens.

How to Print, Copy, Fax, Scan or Email Documents

  1. Go to any MFP (Multi-Function Printer)
  2. Select desired options from launcher:
    1. "Follow -You Printing" (you will only have access to your printed jobs)
      If you work for more than one Division, Department and/or grant, you will be asked to enter the billing code to charge the appropriate office. Billing codes correspond to the Banner Org and can be found by touching the magnifying lens icon on the touch pad.
    2. "Scan-to-Me" (used for scanning and email documents to your student email)
    3. "Enable Copier" (used for making copies)
  3. Follow on screen directions to continue
  4. By default, jobs are printed black and white and duplex
  5. When completed, touch "log out" to keep your printing allowance secure

Video instructions

Each copier will have a label showing a QR code and URL. Scan the QR code with your phone or visit the URL to access a video with detailed instructions specific to the vendor and model of the printer you are using.

You can also access the videos directly by composing the URL

The list below includes video instructions to all the copiers available on campus:

Ricoh MP C4503  

To request support submit an ITSS Request via the online service desk or by calling 719-502-4800.

Document Queue

Documents will remain in queue for 48 hours. Afterwards they will need to be printed again.

Login with your ID Card

  1. Obtain ID Card at Student Life
  2. Locate the magnetic strip reader on right side of printer
  3. Swipe your ID card with black strip facing down

Login via Touch Pad

  1. In the "username" field type only the digits of your SID using the numeric pad.
  2. Then touch the "password" field and enter the last four digits of your SID as your password (use either the numeric pad or the soft keyboard on the display).
  3. Touch "Log in"