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Policies and Regulations

  • A student ID is required to check-out equipment.
  • One Computer per Student.
  • Individuals suspected of being intoxicated (Drugs or Alcohol) will be reported to Public Safety.
  • No Profanity Please!
  • Do not share your password with anyone. You are responsible for anything that occurs while you are logged in on your account.
  • NO DOWNLOADING SOFTWARE and/or installing files without appropriate authorization.
  • No Cell Phones. Please either turn off or set your cell phones to vibrate.
  • Save Early, Save Often; your work depends on it. 
  • Lab assistants are here to help, not tutor. Tutors are available through the division that offers the class.
  • Please USE PRINT PREVIEW to avoid unnecessary print jobs.
  • Please show respect for those trying to concentrate by keeping the noise down.
  • Before leaving go to start, log off. If you do not do this then other students will have access to your account, files on your personal drive, and your printing allowance.
  • Please push in your chair every time you leave the lab or your workstation.
  • Throw away all trash from your work area.
  • Remember: the computer lab is not responsible for looking after your personal belongings.
  • Hacking is a serious offense and will be treated as such. The police will be involved in any hacking incident. DELIBERATE ATTEMPTS TO DISRUPT SYSTEM PERFORMANCE OR THE COLLEGE’S NETWORK ARE CRIMINAL OFFENSES PUNISHABLE UNDER STATE AND FEDERAL LAW.

Computer Lab Policies

All data contained on Pikes Peak Community College (PPCC) computer systems is owned by PPCC, and may be monitored, intercepted, recorded, read, copied, captured, and/or disclosed in any manner by authorized PPCC personnel.


Systems personnel may give to law enforcement officials or PPCC management personnel any information that constitutes potential evidence of criminal action or violation of PPCC policy taking place on any PPCC system. The user understands that said information may result in criminal proceedings or administrative actions taken against the user.

All Computing facilities should be used in an ethical, legal and efficient manner consistent with the mission of Pikes Peak Community College. Acceptable uses support learning and teaching at the college. Refer to Standard of Conduct (PPCC Policy E-714.0) for more details. Deliberate attempts to disrupt system performance, the college's network and/or an external network are criminal offenses punishable under state and federal law.

I will not use college computer, equipment and/or network for the following purposes:

  • Knowingly spreading computer viruses;
  • Printing materials (including information from the Internet, graphics, photos, etc.) for personal use and not related to a class assignment;
  • Sending harassing, intimidating and/or threatening messages;
  • Re-posting personal communications without the author's consent;
  • Copying protected material in violation of copyright law;
  • Downloading any type of audio, video, or graphic file without appropriate authorization.
  • Using the network for financial gain, commercial activity, or illegal activity;
  • Accessing the network using another individual's account;
  • Downloading software and/or loading software without appropriate authorization;
  • Any other attempt to compromise the network integrity.