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Instructional Services


Instructional Services at PPCC encompass all academics departments and student academic support services. All academics at PPCC are supported and guided by the Vice President of Instruction - through the leadership of the academic Deans, Directors, and support staff.--

PPCC Mission

Our mission is to provide high quality, educational opportunities accessible to all, with a focus on student success and community needs, including occupational programs for youth and adults in career and technical fields, two-year transfer educational programs to qualify students for admission to the junior year at other colleges and universities, and a broad range of personal, career, and technical education for adults.

Organizational Structure

Academics departments at PPCC are distributed among 5 academic divisions, each led by an academic dean, which operate under the direction of the Vice President of Instructional Services to provide high-quality educational opportunities for students in both traditional transfer and Career & Technical fields. Instructional Services Organizational Chart

The Academic Divisions at PPCC

Division of Business, Public Service & Social Sciences

Division of Communication, Humanities & Technical Studies

Division of Mathematics and English

Division of Medical Sciences

Division of Natural & Physical Sciences


Other Offices of Instructional Services

Along with the academic divisions, Instructional Services also encompasses the offices of:


Apply for Scholarships

Every Year the PPCC Foundation offers hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of scholarship money for eligible and in need students.

Scholarship Information

Instructional Services Equity Plan

Instructional Services Equity Plan