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Throughout the civil rights and sexual misconduct resolution process, Complainants and Respondents shall be entitled to the following:

  • To be treated with respect by PPCC employees.

  • To take advantage of Supportive Measures and other resources, such as counseling, psychological services, and health services.

  • To experience a safe living, educational, and work environment.

  • To have an advisor of their choice present at any meeting.

  • To have access to a Title IX/EO Coordinator, investigator(s), hearing officers/decision-maker(s) for Title IX cases, and/or other individuals assisting with the resolution process who do not have a conflict of interest or bias for or against either party.

  • To receive amnesty for minor student misconduct (such as alcohol or drug violations) that is ancillary to the incident.

  • To be free from retaliation.

  • To be informed of the outcome/resolution of the complaint, and the sanctions and rationale for the outcome where permissible.

  • To have assistance in contacting law enforcement, if desired.

  • To request employment, and/or educational modifications, as deemed appropriate and reasonable.

  • To request no further contact with the opposite party, as deemed appropriate, allowable and reasonable.