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If you have experienced or witnessed an alleged incident of sex discrimination or sexual misconduct, you have several reporting options. You can  can simultaneously pursue an internal complaint and a criminal complaint.

File a Complaint Internally with the College

Title IX Compliance/EO Officer: Kim Hennessy, Vice President for Human Resource Services, 719.502.2600

Deputy Title IX/EO Coordinator: Michele Hodge, Associate Vice President for Human Resource Services, 719.502.2600

Civil Rights/Human Resource Services Investigator: 719.502.2600

Report Discrimination, Harassement, or Sexual Misconduct

Click to Report

Campus Police

The Department of Campus Police is located at all campuses. The Department is staffed by 17 state certified peace officers. All PPCC Campus Police officers are commissioned State peace/police officers. They have full police authority and functions the same as any other law enforcement agency in the State of Colorado and on college property. Contact Campus Police at 719.502.2900.

Campus Police

If you are faculty, staff, or a student employee, you are obligated under SP 19-60 and BP 3-70, Colorado Community College System Code of Ethics to report allegations of sexual misconduct within 24 Hours. Such reports should be directed to the Title IX Coordinator at 719.502.2600.