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Your safety is our top priority. If you are feeling sick, stay home. 

PPCC Partners,

Effective this coming spring semester, PPCC will implement a COVID Testing Protocol.  All students, staff, and faculty who attend in-person courses or meetings, access supportive services, or work at PPCC campuses will be required to complete a weekly COVID test.  PPCC campuses include Centennial, Rampart Range, Downtown Studio, Center for Healthcare Education and Simulation, and Technical Education Campus (Springs Fab). 

Fully vaccinated individuals who upload their vaccine card into the PPCC voluntary registration system are exempt


Students & Instructors NOT on PPCC Campus

Students and instructors who participate in PPCC courses through remote, online, or high school campuses and do not attend PPCC campus courses or activities are exempt from the COVID testing protocol.  PPCC students who test positive for COVID or experience COVID-related symptoms are asked to report through the PPCC system.  This informs instructors that students’ work may be impacted and, if needed, allowing for accommodations. 


Students on PPCC Campus

Students attending in-person courses or supportive services at PPCC are required to submit weekly testing, beginning the week of January 17, 2022.   This includes all Career Start and other concurrent enrollment students who attend courses on PPCC campuses.  Information regarding free testing sites will be provided to students via email today.     


Spring Registration

Our spring schedule will be adjusted to increase the number of remote course offerings.  Remote course formats, billed at the in-person rate, include Remote Hybrid, Remote Real-Time, and Hyflex.  

The schedule will be viewable on October 18, and spring registration will begin on October 25. 

For additional information regarding this decision, messages from the Colorado Community College System Chancellor and PPCC President have been sent to students, staff, and faculty. 


The PPCC COVID-19 website provides answers to many frequently asked questions, or you may contact

Posted 10/7/2021

PPCC Partners,

Our college president recently announced updated COVID protocols.  Below are key excerpts that pertain to Career Start and Concurrent Enrollment students:

Mask Requirement

Regardless of vaccination status, all students, employees, and visitors will be required to wear masks indoors on all our campuses, except when alone in a private office. National and local health officials have emphasized the importance of mask wearing as a means of lowering transmission of the virus.

Masks will be provided for anyone without one. Students may request exemptions from Accessibility Services.


Vaccination Opportunities

The College is working with El Paso County Public Health to arrange mobile vaccination clinics on our campuses. The vaccines will be free and available to all members of the community. More details will be forthcoming.

As an added incentive, PPCC will offer $100 in gift cards to every unvaccinated student or employee who gets their first vaccination starting August 16 and continuing through September 30.  Students will receive $50 after each shot of the two-dose vaccines, or $100 if they receive the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine. To receive the gift cards, students will need to upload their vaccination card after each dose and fill out the Voluntary COVID-19 Vaccination Registry.

For students who are already vaccinated, THANK YOU! Students who upload their vaccination card to the Voluntary COVID-19 Vaccination Registry will be entered into a drawing for several prizes: one grand prize of $1,500, two prizes of $1,000 each, and six prizes of $250 each. Sharing vaccination status allows us to quickly manage our response to potential exposure to COVID-19 on-campus. This is completely voluntary and will be used only for PPCC pandemic response purposes.

Once they are vaccinated, PPCC students will also be eligible for one of five $1,000 scholarships as well as two $5,000 scholarships being offered system-wide in partnership with Amazon.

Some programs, including the Law Enforcement Academy and Nursing, are instituting vaccination requirements based on the unique nature of their learning environments.  Nurse Aide students will be required to be vaccinated prior to participating in clinicals.  For Career Start HST students, clinicals are in early spring.  This allows time for students to obtain the standard TB/Influenza immunizations and COVID vaccine requirements.  For students participating in traditional fall sections of NUA 170, 171, or 174, students should begin the vaccine process soon to complete prior to their late fall clinical dates.  As we learn from our community clinical and practicum partners about changing requirements, it is possible that programs, such as Early Childhood, may be require vaccination before participation in the practicum portion of their program.  We will provide updates if any requirements adjust.


Classroom Protocols

Faculty are empowered to require students to wear masks. Students who are not in compliance, and who do not have an authorized exemption, can be asked to leave the classroom.

El Paso County Public Health strongly recommends seating charts as a best practice in contact tracing. To facilitate effective and quick contact tracing, faculty will create a seating chart for their classes and take attendance at each session.

Of course, seating charts will not work perfectly in all settings, such as labs or classrooms where students move around or work in all small groups. However, they are a very important tool in facilitating effective contact tracing and will be utilized as much as possible.


PPCC at High Schools

Classes taught at your high schools will follow the guidance of your schools and districts.  Please connect with your HSP liaison if you, your students, or PPCC instructors at your school have questions or concerns.  


If Sick or Symptomatic, Stay Home!

  1. Students are experiencing COVID symptoms should stay home.  Even seemingly minor symptoms should be taken seriously, and students should err on the side of caution. In addition, those awaiting COVID-19 test results should stay at home until those results are confirmed.  
  2. Students should file the COVID 19 Report to ensure their absence is attributed to a COVID concern so the College can provide support appropriately and the absence can be excused. Filing the report gives the College the chance to investigate and notify instructors and students who may be impacted. 
  3. Students must check in with instructors via D2L and to learn if an alternative assignment has been posted. 
  4. If COVID testing is needed, please check the El Paso County Public Health website for testing locations.

As a result, the standard Career Start attendance guidelines will not be in effect.  Instead, students’ attendance will be monitored and reported to you bi-weekly.  For Career Start students who have reported symptoms or been asked to quarantine at either your school or PPCC, communication between you and Sharon Tunson, Assistant HSP Dean, will be essential to helping students stay engaged in their courses. 


Grace & Flexibility

Ubiquitous with the pandemic, grace and flexibility will prove essential again this year as we support students who fluctuate between in-person to remote learning and manage staffing and class situations that adjust in a day.  We look forward to working together to continue these opportunities for college access and success for your students

For the most up-to-date information regarding PPCC's policies regarding Covid, visit the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Communications page.


Posted 8/17/2021

PPCC students should notify the College:

  • If they have tested or plan to be tested for COVID-19;

  • If they are experiencing symptoms associated with COVID-19;

  • If they have had contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19;

  • If they have been notified by a member of the PPCC community (student, staff, or faculty) who is being tested or is positive for COVID-19; and/or

  • If they are quarantining/isolating due to COVID-19 exposure or diagnosis. 

When a PPCC student completes the Covid-19 Reporting Form:


  • The PPCC Covid Team will investigate and reach out to the student

  • Notifies Students and Instructors that may have been impacted

  • The Covid Team notifies the High School Programs Associate Dean and Assistant Dean

Information for students

  • Masks are required inside the buildings on all PPCC campuses, regardless of vaccination status. If you are taking classes at an off-campus facility, students will follow local guidelines.

  • Seating Charts are strongly encouraged in lecture environments

  • Vaccines are required for students participating in clinical environments such as Clinicals and Practicum

  • For Career Start Students:

    • The standard Career Start attendance guidelines will not be in effect.  Instead, students’ attendance will be monitored and reported to counselors bi-weekly.  For Career Start students who have reported symptoms or been asked to quarantine at either their school or PPCC, communication between the counselor(s) and Sharon Tunson, Assistant HSP Dean, will be essential to helping students stay engaged in their courses. 

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