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Quality of Life, Happiness, Health, and Wellbeing is the CIE Topic

Quality of Life is an individual's perception of their position in life.  A person’s culture and value systems impact this perception. Physical health, psychological state, personal beliefs, social relationships and environment can affect Quality of Life.

--The World Health Organization


We invite you to read the Explore pages.  Check them for events and to understand the topics.  You may find these discussions not only relevant to your classroom experience, but also critical to life beyond the classroom. 


Explore the topic:

    1. Overview of Quality of Life
    2. Consumerism/Minimalism
    3. Technology and the Workforce  
    4. Identity (personal, cultural, organizational)  
    5. Poverty of Time  
    6. Debt and Financial Literacy
    7. Civic and Social Empowerment
    8. Climate Change 
    9. Personal Health and Wellness


Faculty Resources

CIE LibGuide

Common Intellectual Experiences (CIE)

These experiences involve: 

  • A cohort (class, club, major)
  • Curriculum (ties to classwork)
  • Experiences (social-emotional, memorable)  

CIEs often function as a series of themed co-curricular events or experiences.