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Steps to Complete Your FormsĀ 

  1. Please print out the form you need below and fill it out completely, including a "wet" signature (aka print it out and physically sign it).

  2. You can email your form to or turn it in at any of our Enrollment Services Centers or fax to (719) 502-2074.

  3. If you need any other forms or have any questions please contact Financial Aid (719) 502-3000.

Some forms can be submitted electronically, those who are current students or future students who have already registered for classes may do so via their student e-mail.

***Forms must be completed in blue or black ink. Failure to accurately complete these forms may result in a delay of processing or change of financial aid eligibility. Additional documentation may be requested. Read instructions carefully before completing.

2021-2022 Financial Aid Handbook

Review The Financial Aid Handbook

Every Year Pikes Peak Community College's Financial Aid Office publishes a comprehensive copy of our policies and guidelines, known as the Financial Aid Handbook. 

Review the Financial Aid Handbook

Direct Loan Counseling 


Please ensure that you have completed the PPCC Online (D2L) Direct Student Loan Entrnace Cousneling FA 21- SU 22 priro to submitting this form to our office. 


If you are needing to complete a Virtual Loan Counseing Session please contact Dianne Chan via email at or by phone 719.502.2299

October 26, 2021                        10AM-12PM

November 3, 2021                      11AM-1PM

November 9, 2021                      12PM-2PM

November 17, 2021                   10AM-12PM

November 23, 2021                    11AM-1PM

December 1, 2021                       12PM-2PM

December 7, 2021                       10AM-12PM

December 15, 2021                     11AM-1PM