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Hybrid Courses: Students get the best of both worlds

Hybrid (Blended) courses combine on-campus class sessions with online coursework. Students meet once a week for lecture and group activities with classmates. Remaining assignments are completed online in PPCC Online Campus (D2L). To be successful, students must have a computer and reliable internet connection or they can use computer labs to complete assignments at all PPCC campus locations.

To ensure that your computer will work in the PPCC Online Campus you can run a System Check

If you are interested in registering for a Hybrid course, look for sections with an H in the section number (for example, BUS 115 1H1).

  • 1H* sections meet at Centennial Campus
  • 2H* sections meet at Rampart Range Campus
  • 3H* sections meet at the Downtown Studio Campus
  • 9H* sections meet at various Military installations

Important Note: Hybrid courses begin on the first day of the semester, whether in person or online. Plan to log into the online portion on the first day of the semester.

You will not have access to your courses until the first day of class.


Get the right start in your Hybrid course by taking  D2L Basics (For Students) if you are new to PPCC Online Campus (D2L).