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While You Learn

Many medical schools are interested in students who have demonstrated a balanced life as well as how they have shown a commitment to serving others. In fact, you do not have to have a science degree to be considered for medical school! Beginning whole-life involvement early in your career as a student can demonstrate these things. Bottom line—your GPA and entrance exam scores are not everything.

A Balanced Life Experience

It is rare that students flunk out of medical school. Typically students struggle with life and family issues that deter them from continuing to fulfill their goals in the medical profession. Find things on this list that you already participate in or that you would consider viable options in helping you toward becoming a balanced person prior to entering medical school. Brainstorm about other things that might fit your interests and personality as well.

The PPCC Counseling Center is available for any student in need of short-term crisis counseling and referrals to community resources to help students adjust to, cope with, and succeed in college.

PPCC Clubs and Organizations

PPCC has a wide variety of clubs and organizations to expand your extracurricular life.

Create a Plan Now!

Keep a journal of your experiences, record of your contacts and outline several priorities for your journey toward medical school while you are at PPCC.

Service Learning, Volunteering and Sustainability Activities

PPCC has many opportunities through classes or volunteering for service-learning. These opportunities can build your experience in service projects which can be added to your Medical School application.

PPCC's Office of Sustainability provides numerous activities throughout the academic year. 

Volunteer and/or work at organizations similar to those listed below to build not only your personal experience, but to build valuable relationships with people who can help you all along the way. 

Volunteer Opportunities

Health Fairs
Inner-City Youth Programs
Senior Services
Animal Rescue/Shelters
Battered Women’s Shelters
Health Research Projects
Global Medical Brigade
Homeless Shelters or Soup Kitchens
Disabilities Services
Local Health Screenings
Cancer, MS, Heart and Diabetes Associations
Rehab Programs Featuring Animals
Children’s Summer Camps
Volunteer Fire Fighting or EMR
Dental Services/Clinics

Work Skills/Opportunities

Certified Nursing Assistant
EMT/Paramedic Certifications
Undergraduate Pre-Health Program (UPP) Membership
Undergraduate Lab Research
Biomedical Research
Involvement in the Arts and/or Outdoor Programs
Alternative Spring Break Projects
Study Abroad
Association Memberships (GEMS, SURF, HOSA, etc.)
Relationship Building / Networking
Foreign Language Development
Interview/Shadow medical practitioners
Service Abroad
Personal Counseling
Activities outside of comfort zones
Stress management skills
Work-Study opportunities
Lab Assisting
Certificate Programs in Allied Health
Professional Fire Fighting