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Geology students inspecting the rock during a field exercise.

Why choose Geology at PPCC?

The PPCC Geology program will take you outside the classroom for some world-class field work that delves into the forces that shaped our planet. PPCC's Associate of Science in Geology is guaranteed to transfer to any state college or university in Colorado. If you pursue more advanced degrees, you could pursue careers in the energy sector, engineering, mining, and academia, among others. 

What do PPCC Geology students study?

Geologists study the earth. For 4.5 billion years Earth has been shaped by many natural forces like floods, earthquakes, volcanoes and continental drift to name a few. In geology students will learn:

  • Basics of chemistry and physics
  • Earth materials and features
  • Mathematics and how it applies to geology

In Geology at PPCC our goal is for the student to completely prepare for transfer to a four-year university or college by providing them with a solid background in the first two years of Geology instruction.

Classes You Might Take

Presents concepts in the areas of solution properties, chemical kinetics, chemical equilibrium, acid-base and ionic equilibrium, thermodynamics, electrochemistry, nuclear chemistry, and organic chemistry. Emphasizes problem solving skills and descriptive contents for these topics. Laboratory experiments demonstrate qualitative and quantitative analytical techniques.
Studies the materials of the earth, its structure, surface features, and the geologic processes involved in its development. This course includes laboratory experience.
Studies the physical and biological development of the earth through the vast span of geologic time. Emphasizes the investigation and interpretation of sedimentary rocks, the record of ancient environments, fossil life forms, and physical events, all within the framework of shifting crustal plates. Course includes laboratory experience.
Enables the student to examine the truth about physical reality through reasoning, mathematics and experimentation. Covers kinematics, force, gravity, energy, momentum, torque, rotational dynamics, fluids, and waves. The concepts and theories presented in class are explored through demonstrations and hands-on experiments. This first semester calculus-based physics course is recommended for students entering engineering or one of the advanced sciences.

Career Options

Geology is a fantastic career that combines fieldwork, lab work and office work. We can help students prepare for careers as a:

  • Geochemist
  • Hydrogeologist
  • Seismic Interpreter
  • Engineering Geologist

Careers in Geology