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Associate of Applied Science Degree in Cyber Security

With a two-year Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Cyber Security, students will be prepared to begin rewarding careers across a wide spectrum of organizations and locales - ranging from public, private, and non-profit. PPCC's Cyber Security degree is designed to make you job-ready at graduation.

Certificate in Cyber Security

Certificate programs are generally designed for students already working in Industry. A certificate in Cyber Security can serve as continuing education and also update current cyber professionals on the changing cyber security landscape.

Dual Degree Option - Computer Networking 

In addition to an Associate of Applied Science in Cyber Security, interested students may also earn an Associate of Applied Science in Computer Networking by taking only a few more courses.

Interested students should speak to a Faculty Advisor for details and guidance.

Associate of Applied Science - Cyber Security

The Cyber Security degree provides students with practical and relevant skills in the field of cyber security, information technology, and computer networking. The Cyber Security degree provides students foundation knowledge of cyber security threats, as well as procedures to mitigate computer and network security risks. This degree also includes strategies and techniques to manage access control, telecommunications & network security, information security governance & risk management, software development security, cryptography, security architecture & design, operations security, business continuity & disaster recovery planning, legal, regulations, investigations & compliance, and physical security

*Please consult with your faculty advisor for the proper sequence of classes.

Semester 1

(Course & Credit Hours)

CIS 105 Computer Literacy or

CIS 118 Intro to PC Applications 

CIS 124 Intro to Operating Systems

CNG 260 Certified Cisco Network Associate I

CSC 119 Intro to Programming (Python) 

Total 14 Credit Hours

Semester 2

(Course & Credit Hours)

CIS 223 Linux 

CNG 102 Local Area Networks

CNG 132 Network Security Fundamentals

CNG 261 CISCO Network Associate II  

ENG 131 Technical Writing I 

Total 17 Credit Hours

Semester 3

(Course & Credit Hours)

CNG 257 Network and Defense and Countermeasures 

CNG 270 CCNA Security

CSC 129 Introduction to Secure Coding

MAT 121 College Algebra MA1 (4)

Total 15 Credit Hours 

Semester 4

(Course & Credit Hours)

CSC 217 Advanced Python Programming

CNG 280 Internship

SOC 218 Sociology of Diversity: SS3

Approved Cyber Security Elective - See an advisor 

COM 115 Public Speaking or

COM 125 Interpersonal Communications 

Total 15 Credit Hours 

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Long Term Schedule

The 2-Year course offering schedule is intended to be used as a general planning tool. Course offerings may change. Contact an adviser for more information 

2-Year Course Offerings

AAS - Cyber Security Printable Program Flier (PDF)