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Do you like solving problems and helping others? Can you think outside the box? Join the Pikes Peak Community College Cybersecurity Club! Cybersecurity touches everything from medical services to banking and cannot be limited to technical experts. We want students from every major who are interested in safeguarding our information. If you would like more information, fill out the form below.

All are welcome to attend meetings & events! Drop-Ins are encouraged! Come check us out.

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Club Goals:

  • to foster an environment of learning for cybersecurity concepts and best practices
  • to create a community of like-minded individuals with high ethical standards
  • to represent PPCC in related cybersecurity events

Areas of Emphasis:

#1 Curriculum

Theory is empty without practice. In P2C4, we want everyone to gain hands-on experience that is needed to reinforce our education. We strive for the practical application of social, ethical, and technical concepts. Club meetings regularly include presentations on the same tools, techniques, and procedures used by current Cybersecurity experts!

#2 Community

As part of P2C4, you will have the opportunity to connect with individuals from all walks of life! Connect with other students, educators, security professionals, military personnel, and government officials as you explore the diversity of cybersecurity. Join us as we network with organizations like the National Cybersecurity Center (NCC), the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA), and others!

#3 Competition

Our focus on these two areas encourages us to participate in cybersecurity competitions. Competitions allow P2C4 members to enhance their social and technical skills while representing Pikes Peak Community College at state, regional, and national levels. P2C4 has gone toe-to-toe with universities around the country and continues to prosper on a nationwide platform!

Club Highlights


2021 NCL Power Ranking – According to NCL power rankings PPCC placed 32nd nationally (3rd out of all Community Colleges)

2021 Last meeting – During the final meeting of the spring 2021 semester P2C4 members elected Jeremy as the President for the 21-22 school year.

2021 Presentation – On May 25th P2C4 went to a local Middle School to do a cybersecurity advocation presentation.

P2C4 Competition Participation and Rankings

Spring 2021

  • 10 Mar 2021 – Deloitte RMCS Collegiate CTF – P2C4 members placed 4th.
  • 26 Mar 2021 – NCL Individual Game – 3 members placed in the Gold bracket.
  • 9 Apr 2021 – NCL Team Game – P2C4 TehCyberNoobs placed 49th and C2CCTF placed 88th out of 922 teams.
  • 15 May 2021 – WGU Cyber comp

Fall 2020

  • 6 Nov 2020 – NCL Team game – P2C4 members placed 139th out of 957 teams. 
  • 5 Dec 2020 – Deloitte Mountain West Cyber Challenge – P2C4 members placed 5th.

Club Meetings

For more details/events, sign-up for our email list or go to our Discord channel. This page will list limited information.

Our Discord Channel