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When it comes to parenting, the professionals at the Child Development Center know that everyone has questions and needs support.  We know the importance of  effective, accurate, research based information, especially when it comes to helping children grow and develop.  We also know that while we are able to serve many  students and their children at both PPCC Child Development Centers, not everyone will be enrolled in our program.  Yet, families need information whether or not they are a part of our centers.

To help meet that need, we have created a library of rich resources to support all families at PPCC- student, faculty, and staff.  We have spent time researching and developing informational materials in a variety of formats, so that everyone in our PPCC campus communities can help the children in their lives reach their fullest potential, and navigate raising children more easily and effectively.

Our program is designed for infants- 5 years old, so those are the ages our materials are designed to reach.  We also have some kindergarten readiness information, to support families with that transition into elementary school.

To learn about other types of assistance, including food, transportation, and mental health, visit the Basic Needs Assistance website 

Parents are their child’s first, and best teachers!  It can be challenging, though, to know what types of activities to do with your child that are fun and support development.  Have no fear, the Professionals at the Child Development Center are here!   

Please look at the resources we have listed here.  Feel free to download, print them, or share them with others you know could use them. 

Check back often because we will update and change them so that we can share as much information with you as possible. It is our intention to support you in understanding and enjoying the time you have with your children.  As the saying takes a village...and PPCC Child Development Center is happy to be part of your village!

The information is specific to infants, toddlers, and preschool aged children. We are happy to help both you and your child learn and grow! 

Parent Resource Book

Recipe of the Month

Celebrate Diversity in Early Childhood through Reading

Stages of children's writing

The benefits of allowing your child to be a messy eater!

"PARENT" Readiness for Kindergarten

"ACTIVITIES" for Kindergarten Readiness

Let's take a Walk