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Frequently Asked Questions

What days and hours is the Child Development Center (CDC) open?

The CDC hours of operation when the campus is open for classes are Monday through Thursday from 7:45a.m. – 4:15p.m and Friday 8:45a.m. - 12:00p.m.The CDC does not provide evening, weekend or drop-in care.

What ages of children does the CDC enroll?

The CDC accepts children ages 6 weeks to 5 years prior to attending kindergarten.

How do I get my child enrolled?

The CDC enrolls children from the wait list. Toward the end of each semester currently enrolled families are offered the opportunity to reenroll. After we gather that information we are able to determine how many available spaces we have. We will enroll new families from the wait lists. We will continue to enroll new families from the wait list until all spaces have been filled. You can fill out the wait list online. The wait list is only good for one semester so a new one needs to be filled out for each semester. Once you have obtained a space you will be offered the first opportunity to reenroll and do not have to go back on the wait list unless you skip a semester.

Do I have to be a student at PPCC to enroll my child at the CDC?

An enrolling parent does have to be affiliated with PPCC taking 6 or more credits for their child to attend the CDC and receive the sliding scale tuition rate. Those that are not eligible for the sliding scale pay the full rate.

Can I use my financial aid award to pay for my child care?

All child care charges are placed on your student account. If you have a financial aid award it will be applied to your child care charges after your PPCC tuition, fees and other charges such as books have been paid.

Will the CDC accept my Colorado Child Care Assistance Program (C-CCAP)?

The CDC does accept C-CCAP for PPCC staff and students taking 6 or more credit hours. 

Is there any financial assistance for military families?

There is financial assistance for military families or you can call 800-424-2246.

Do all campuses offer child care?

Child care is offered at the Rampart Range and Centennial Campuses only.

Can I enroll my child at both Rampart Range and Centennial Campus CDC?

We do ask families to pick one center for their child to attend throughout a semester. While we understand that many students have classes at both campuses, we choose not to enroll children at both centers. The reason for this is because we want children and teachers as well as parents and teachers to develop strong relationships. This is done through consistent, routine care and interactions. In some cases we have had children who attended one campus in the Fall and the other campus in the Spring. We allow this if there is a space in the child's age group.

Can I only have my child at the CDC while I am attending class?

You do not have to be in class while your child is at the CDC. Like traditional child care programs, if you are paying for a specific day you may have your child at the CDC. While you do not have to be on campus when your child is enrolled, we do ask that you are reachable by phone in case of emergency.

Do I have to enroll my child at the campus where my classes are held?

No, you can choose which campus to enroll your child at and still take classes at any PPCC campus location.

How many children will be in my child’s class?

The adult/child ratios and group sizes followed by the CDC are in accordance with NAEYC accreditation standards and exceed state-mandated ratios and are posted in each classroom. The ratios are:

  • Infant Room (6 weeks-18 months) - 1:4 ratio with a group size of 8
  • Toddler Room (1-2 years) - 1:4 ratio with a group size of 8
  • Toddler Room (2-3 years) - 1:6 ratio with a group size of 12
  • Preschool Room (3-5 years) - 1:9 ratio with a group size of 18

What qualifications do the CDC staff have?

The CDC classrooms are staffed by experienced, trained lead teachers assisted by student staff teacher aides. All lead staff meet the qualifications for an Early Childhood Teacher in the State of Colorado and in most cases have degrees in Early Childhood Education or a related field. All staff have undergone Colorado Central Registry, Federal Bureau of Investigation and Colorado Bureau of Investigation background checks.

Does the CDC enroll children with special needs?

The program is designed to be inclusive of all children, including those with identified disabilities and special learning and developmental needs. Reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate the child’s needs and to integrate the child into regular activities and with other children.

Can I bring my child in cloth diapers?

Yes, the CDC can accommodate children in cloth diapers. When you come for enrollment be sure to speak with the coordinator about this.

Will the CDC give my child medicine if they have an illness or ongoing medical care needs?

The CDC does have several staff members who are medication administration trained by our nurse delegate, therefore we are able to administer medication. Medication forms filled out by the child's physician are required for all medications. If your child has an ongoing medical need such as asthma, there may be additional paperwork required.

Does the CDC provide meals?

Yes, the CDC provides a nutritious breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack. The CDC participates in the Child and Adult Care Food Program through the U.S. Department of Agriculture. This program provides guidelines for nutritious and balanced meals. Meal time is considered to be a part of the curriculum. Adults sit at the table with the children and encourage social interaction, positive conversation and learning.

Parents of infant children can choose to to use the milk or soy based formula the CDC provides or bring their own. Parents who are breast feeding can express milk or set up a schedule with the classroom teacher to come in to feed their child. The CDC provide age appropriate foods for infants. Ask for specifics at enrollment.

What if my child has food allergies?

The CDC will accommodate children with food allergies. Special diet forms completed by a healthcare provider are required in most cases.

If I am an Early Childhood Education (ECE) student can I complete my practicum hours at the CDC?

Yes, the CDC serves as a laboratory and observation site for students enrolled in the ECE program. Students are assigned to a classroom and complete their practicums under the direct supervision of the lead staff and PPCC faculty. Practicum students who have a child enrolled at the CDC are not placed in their child’s classroom.