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Typical AS Pre-PT Course Sequence

Below is a typical Pre-PT class sequence to fulfill an Associate of Science Degree at PPCC. This class sequence is in preparation for transferring to a four-year university Pre-PT track. Courses can be spread out further.

This sequence is not designed for the Associate of Applied Sciences/Physical Therapy Assistant.

Note: This sequence should be revised based on the Pre-PT track at the transfer college or university of the student's choice. Some course requirements vary.

First Semester

  • ENG 121 English Composition I (3 credits)
  • MAT 121 College Algebra (4 credits)
  • PSY 101 (3 credits) Prerequisite for PSY 235
  • Communications 115, 125 or 220 (3 credits)
  • CHE 101 Introduction to Chemistry (5 credits)

CHE 101 prerequisite to CHE 111 is only needed if student has not passed High School Chemistry or had no previous college Chemistry.

Second Semester

  • CHE 111 General Chemistry I (5 credits)
  • MAT 166 Pre-Calculus (5 credits)
  • History (3 credits) See Catalog or Degree Check for choices.
  • ENG 122 English Composition II (3 credits)

Third Semester

  • Arts and Humanities (3 credits) See Catalog or Degree Check for choices.
  • PHY 111 Physics Algebra-Based I (5 credits)
  • PSY 235 (3 credits) * or a Social and Behavioral Science from another Guaranteed Transfer area.
  • MAT 201 Calculus I (5 credits) Not required for some degrees.

Fourth Semester

  • CHE 112 General Chemistry II (5 credits)
  • MAT 135 (3 credits)
  • Arts and Humanities (3 credits) See Catalog or Degree Check for choices.
  • PHY 112 Physics Algebra-Based II (5 credits)

* Taking 3 Psychology courses does not fit into the Associate of Science Degree. Students may elect to be in the Associate of Arts degree to fulfill these requirements. Consult with your advisor for best course sequencing.

Note: Anatomy and Physiology courses should be taken at Junior or Senior levels at a traditional four-year institutions to properly prepare for Physical Therapy School. Taking BIO 106, BIO 201 and BIO 202 at PPCC would not be sufficient.

PPCC does not offer Bio-Chem courses. Those also would need to be taken after a student transfers to a traditional four-year university or college. 

Students should research Pre-PT tracks at the four-year institutions of their choice prior to attending.

Meet with your general Medical Sciences Advisor to plan course schedules.