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Your most important resources for PPCC Nursing Programs

are on the Nursing Department website.

Check these resources frequently for updates, changes and when applications rounds open and close.

The Nursing program is located at the Center for Healthcare Education and Simulation.

Nursing Assistant faculty are located on the Rampart Range Campus in E-213.

Types of Nursing Degrees

There are a variety of ways to become a nurse. Once students complete training through any one of the programs below, they take the NCLEX exam to become a Licensed Practical Nurse (also called Licensed Vocational Nurse- LVN) or a Registered Nurse (RN). 

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

Training obtained at career/technical colleges or by taking the first two semesters of an AAS/Nursing then exiting to take the LPN licensing exam.

Licensed Practical Nurse to Registered Nurse (LPN-RN)

After having received training and the LPN license, taking additional general education requirements and two semesters more of Nursing courses, then taking the RN licensing exam.


Associate of Applied Science - Nursing (RN)

Completing an AAS/Nursing Degree with all clinicals at a community college.

AVAILABLE AT PPCC                                                     Find other RN programs

RN to BSN Dual Enrollment (RN-BSN)

While completing an AAS/Nursing Degree with all clinicals, starting upper division Nursing coursework at a university and then transferring to complete the BSN after graduating from the AAS/Nursing.


RN then BSN (RN+BSN)

Completing an AAS/Nursing Degree with all clinicals, begin working as an RN and then apply to a college or university to finish upper division Nursing courses for a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.


Traditional University Nursing Program (RN&BSN)

Completing all general education, nursing courses and clinicals at one university or college.

Accelerated Nursing Program (RN&BSN)

Intensive 1-1.5 year program of Nursing coursework and clinicals for students who have already earned a Bachelor of Arts or Science degree in any subject.

Pre-Nursing at PPCC

Students interested in applying to the PPCC Nursing programs should read the Nursing Information Packet and the RN-BSN packets found under the Resources section below. The best online resource for prospective Nursing students is the Nursing Department site. It is imperative that Pre-Nursing students stay in touch with this website for the most recent information.

Students who have not yet been accepted to the Nursing program are considered Pre-Nursing and should meet with their Advisor in Advising & Testing each semester. Contact your Academic Advisor on the Medical Sciences advising website.

Pre-Nursing students heading toward PPCC's program are required to attend a Nursing Information Session within one year of application. These are offered throughout each semester.

Frequently Asked Questions

Applying Broadly

Nursing programs are competitive-entry and focus on GPA, especially in the science coursework. It is recommended that students explore all of their options and apply broadly.

Find other Associates degrees and BSN options on the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) website and more BSN programs on The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (CCNE) web site. Students should apply early and stay in touch with their target institutions to understand their admissions requirements.

DACA/Dreamer Students

Please check with the Colorado State Board of Nursing Online Exam/Endorsement Application Checklist.


Information Packets

RN - Nursing: Registered Nurse, AAS with Licensed Practical Nurse Exit Option Packet

LPN-RN - Nursing: LPN Advanced Placement Option, AAS Packet

RN-BSN Bachelor of Science in Nursing Packet

TEAS Test Information

Find information on the Nursing Department and Testing Department websites.

Licensed Nurses

If you need to transfer your license to Colorado, please contact the Department of Regulatory Agencies at 303-894-7855.

Foreign-trained applicants who are educated outside the United States and its territories should go to to submit the Credentials Evaluation Service Professional Report from the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS). 

Contact your Pre-Nursing Advisor. Read Application Requirements for PPCC's Nursing programs.

Nursing Assistant

PPCC's Nursing Assistant program is typically completed within eight weeks. Following successful completion of this training, students can sit for the Colorado State licensing exam. Students must choose matching section numbers of NUA 101, 170 and 171.

How to Register for NUA Classes

HPR 102, or American Heart Association Basic Life Support (BLS) certification, and required immunizations must be completed prior to the start of class

All students should go to the Nursing Assistant Department website for more information and to sign up for an Information Session. Students will be e-mailed extensive instructions through their student e-mail account prior to classes starting.

If you cannot take NUA courses with us, find El Paso County Certified Nurse Aide Training programs through the Colorado DORA website.

Go to the Nursing Assistant website.